Sentence Examples with the word Martyrology

The story of their fate is not entered under 21st October in the martyrology of Bede (ob.

In 1559 he completed the Latin edition' of his martyrology and returned to England.

The best-known modern edition of the Martyrology is that (1837-1841) by the Rev. Stephen R.

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St Alban is commemorated in the Roman martyrology on the 22nd of June; but it is impossible to determine with certainty whether he ever existed, as no mention of him occurs till the middle of the 6th century.

In the oldest Roman ferial we already find festivals of Carthaginian martyrs, and similarly, in the Carthaginian calendar, Roman festivals, while Wright's Syriac Martyrology contains numerous traces of this exchange of festivals.

He also undertook a new edition to the Roman martyrology (1586), which he purified of many inaccuracies.

The Covenanters had a martyrology of their own, and the halo of romance has been cast around their exploits and their sufferings.

QvvaUapcov, from avvityEt y, to bring together), the name given in the Greek Church to a compilation corresponding very closely to the martyrology of the Roman Church.