Sentence Examples with the word Martius

Running north from the river through the Campus Martius and the Grand Circus is Woodward Avenue, 120 ft.

C. Doll in Martius and Eichler, Flora Brasiliensis, Ii.

On the day of the funeral it was borne to the Campus Martius on the shoulders of senators and there burnt.

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P. von Martius on the Flora Braziliensis, and the explorations of Agassiz and Lund.

Their heads were cut off and despatched to Rome, where they were burnt on the Campus Martius by the exultant crowd.

The comitia curiata and the two assemblies of the tribes met within the walls, the former usually in the Comitium, the latter in the Forum or on the Area Capitolii; but the elections at these assemblies were in the later Republic held in the Campus Martius outside the walls.

During this period the Salii took part in certain other festivities: the Equirria (Ecurria) on the i 4th, a chariot race in honour of Mars on the Campus Martius (in later times called Mamuralia, in honour of Mamurius), at which a skin was beaten with staves in imitation of hammering; the Quinquatrus on the 19th, a one-day festival, at which the shields were cleansed; the Tubilustrium on the 23rd, when the trumpets of the priests were purified.

It was the first colony ever founded by Rome - according to the Romans themselves, by Ancus Martius - and took its name from its position at the mouth (ostium) of the river.

The pseudo-classicism of the period of Marietta's foundation is indicated by the names - Capitolium for one of the public squares, Sacra Via for one of the principal streets, and Campus Martius for the fortification.