Sentence Examples with the word Martha

As Dean took off his overcoat, Janet O'Brien and her young niece Martha arrived.

Betsy and I agreed and even Martha smiled.

I'd planned to ask Quinn and Martha to come in so I could tell them what I'd learned but the more I considered it, I decided a phone call was sufficient.

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The more I thought about it, the more I felt Quinn, Martha and baby Claire might be gone.

Lazarus Of Bethany, brother of Martha and Mary.

Cynthia looked at Dean knowingly but said nothing as Martha continued.

For everything... for how I handled the police-guy, for making Julie stay just a little bit longer, for chasing off Martha and Quinn...

Julie wants desperately to come back east but Howie wants to talk to Martha and learn the truth before he leaves.

She answered as Martha giggled, earning a stern look.

The younger child was blind--that was I--and the other was Martha Washington.