Sentence Examples with the word Markt

Rietschel, Die Civitas auf deutschem Boden bis zum Auagange der Karolingerzeit (Leipzig, 1894); and, for the newly founded towns, the same author, Markt and Stadt in ihrem rechtlichen Verheiltnis (Leipzig, 1897).

Rietschel, Markt and Stadt, and J.

Among the latter is the Grosse Markt with a statue of Prince Leopold I.

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In its centre lies the Markt Kirche, a red-brick edifice of the 14th century, containing interesting monuments and some fine stained-glass windows, and with a steeple 3 10 ft.

The elder branch of the mediatized house of Rechteren-Limpourg is still established at Almelo; the younger, German branch, at Markt Einersheim in Bavaria.

The most important squares are the Domhof, the Heumarkt, Neumarkt, Alte Markt and Waidmarkt in the old inner, and the Hansa-platz in the new inner town.

The ancient part of the town is still surrounded by the former moat, and in the centre lies a group of open places, of which the Groote Markt is one of the largest market-squares in Holland.

The Groote Markt is the largest market-square in Holland.