Sentence Examples with the word Marin

Melingue, Etienne Marin (1808-1875), French actor and sculptor, was born in Caen, the son of a volunteer of 1792.

Later investigations have confirmed the conclusions thus early arrived at; and Van der Tuuk, Marre de Marin and W.

He is known as Rouelle the elder, to distinguish him from his younger brother and assistant, Hilaire Marin (1718-1779), who, on his resignation in 1768, succeeded him as demonstrator at the Jardin du Roi.

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The principal port on the western coast is that formed by the deep and sheltered bay of Vigo, but there are also good roadsteads at Corcubion under Cape Finisterre, at Marin and at Carril.

Francis Schooten (Commentary on Descartes) assigns the invention of the curve to Rene Descartes and the first publication on this subject after Descartes to Marin Mersenne.

In the year 1300 the people, led by Marin Bocconio, attempted to force their way into the great council and to reclaim their rights.

The Beni Marin and Wattasi dynasties which reigned in Morocco from 1213 to 1548 were of Zenata origin.