Sentence Examples with the word Mariette

Meanwhile his cousin Nestor L'Hote, the friend and fellow-traveller of Champollion, died, and upon Mariette devolved the task of sorting the papers of the deceased savant.

AUGUSTE FERDINAND FRANCOIS MARIETTE (1821-1881), French Egyptologist, was born on the 11th of February 1821 at Boulogne, where his father was town clerk.

A new period was opened in Egyptian exploration in 1858 when Mariette was appointed director of archaeological works In Egypt, his duties being to safeguard the monuments and prevent their exploitation by dealers.

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From this post he was unceremoniously dismissed in 1879 by the European controllers of the public revenues, determined to economize at all hazards; and French influence prevented his succeeding his friend Mariette at the Bulaq Museum in 1883.

One of the chief monuments is the Serapeum or sepulchre of the Apis bulls, discovered by Mariette in 1851.

The sculptures have been mostly published in hand copy, not facsimile, by Mariette in his Abydos, i.