Sentence Examples with the word Mariano

Savonarola took up the challenge; his eloquence prevailed, and Fra Mariano was silenced.

Among Peruvian naturalists since the advent of the republic, the most distinguished have been Mariano Eduardo Rivero, the geologist, mineralogist and archaeologist, and his friend and colleague Nicolas de: Pierola, authors of Memorial de ciencias naturales.

In theology and philosophy the most distinguished names are: Bernardino Ochino and Lelio and Fausto Soccini (16th century); in jurisprudence, three Soccini: Mariano senior, Bartolommeo and Mariano junior (15th and 16th centuries); and in political economy, Sallustio Bandini (1677-1760), author of the Discorso sulla Maremma.

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The most prominent leader of the junta rt cr was its secretary Mariano Moreno 1 3' M (7 - 8 7 181I), who with a number of other active supporters of the patriot cause succeeded in raising a considerable force of Buenos Aireans to maintain, arms in hand, their nationalist and anti-Spanish doctrines.

The Aragonese enjoyed at first the assistance of the giudici of Arborea, who had remained in power; but in 1352 war broke out between Mariano IV.

The viceroy of Lima made one more effort to uphold the power of Spain in Chile, but the army he despatched under Mariano Osorio, the victor of Rancagua, was decisively defeated at the river Maipo on the 3rd of April 1818.

Shortly afterwards the threatened bull of excommunication was launched against him, and Fra Mariano was in Rome stimulating the pope's wrath.

In 1831 Governor Victoria was deposed; in 1835 Governor Mariano Chico was frightened out of the province; in 1836 Governor Nicolas Gutierrez and in 1844-1845 Governor Manuel Micheltorena were driven out of office.

The 1VIagnifico then sought to undermine his popularity, and Fra Mariano was employed to attack him from the pulpit.

COUNT MARIANO DEL TINDARO RAMPOLLA (1843-), Italian cardinal, was born on the, 7th of August 1843, at Polizzi, in the Sicilian diocese of Cefalu.