Sentence Examples with the word Margherita

Chambo in turn receives the waters of a larger lake - Abai, Abaya, Pagade or Regina Margherita - through the river Walo, across a plain only 2 m.

Yolanda Mafaldal Humbert, Giovanna Amadeus, Aim ne, Ferd nand, Philibert, bert, Maria Bona Adal ert, E u ene Margherita (b.1902).

A mile to the south is Santa Margherita Ligure (pop. 7051), another winter resort, with a large 26th-century church.

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Numerous music halls have sprung up of late years, of which the principal is the Salone Margherita in the basement of the Galleria Umberto Primo.

Early in the year the crown prince Humbert with the Princess Margherita took up their residence in the Quirinal Palace, which, in view of the Vatican refusal to deliver up the keys, had to be opened by force.

In October 1820 Pellico was arrested on the charge of carbonarism and conveyed to the Santa Margherita prison.

Thence it crosses that lake in a straight line and afterwards the Ruwenzori to its highest point, Margherita peak, whence it follows the Lamia River to its junction with the Semliki.

Are the salt-works of Barletta, now known under the name of Margherita di Savoia.

At the same time he mitigated the Francophil tendencies of some of his colleagues, accompanied King Humbert and Queen Margherita on their visit to Homburg in September 1897, and, by loyal observance of the spirit of the triple alliance, retained for Italy the confidence of her allies without forfeiting the goodwill of France.