Sentence Examples with the word Marcos

De Coronado was led by Fray Marcos over the same route in 1540; while Hernando Alarcon explored the Gulf of California and the lower Colorado river.

The university of San Marcos at Lima is the oldest collegiate institution in the New World, originating in a grant from Charles V.

See the Conoscimienlo, p. Too, as edited by Marcos Jimenez de la Espada in the Boletin de la sociedad geogrdfica de Madrid, February 1877); Le Canarien in P. Margry, Conquete des.

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For higher instruction there are four universities: the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos at Lima, and three provincial institutions at Arequipa, Cuzco and Trujillo.

Fray Marcos was made Provincial of his order for Mexico before the second trip to Zuni, and returned in 1541 to the capital, where he died on the 25th of March 1558 The Descubrimiento is one of the world's famous narratives of travel.

Following the route of Fray Marcos de Niza, Coronado reached the first of the alleged cities, and to his great disappointment found only an Indian pueblo.

Full of missionary zeal, and desirous that settlements should be planted in the new region in order that the heathen might be converted, Fray Marcos did little to refute these exaggerations.

Fray Marcos (q.v.) was the first European to enter the limits of what is now New Mexico.

De Coronado to make his famous expedition next year to Zuni, of which Fray Marcos was the guide; and the realities proved a great disappointment.

He translated Gil Blas, adopting more or less seriously Voltaire's unfounded suggestion that Le Sage plagiarized from Espinel's Marcos de Obregon, and other Spanish books; the text appeared in 1783, and in 1828 was greatly modified by Evaristo Pena y Martin, whose arrangement is still widely read.