Sentence Examples with the word Manu

The manu facture is carried on to the largest extent in the Rhine province, in Saxony and in Silesia.

Its blast-furnaces and iron mills were long among the largest in the country, and the manu facture of steel is still the borough's predominant industry.

There are manu factures of fire-bricks, tiles and pottery, besides brewing and soapmaking.

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Prior to the successive reductions of the salt duty in 1903, 1905 and 1907, next to land, salt contributed the largest share to the Indian revenue; and, where salt is locally manu factured, its supervision becomes an important part of salt Admini- administrative duty.

Silk and waste silk, manu factures of..

The rivers of the state are short and of no great volume, but they flow swiftly and are useful in supplying power for manu 10,957.

The general direction of the Manu is south-east for 158 m.

In the Veda no tendency shows itself as yet towards rendering divine honour to the cow; and though the importance assigned her in an agricultural community is easily understood, still the exact process of her deification and her identification with the mother earth in the time of Manu and the epics requires further elucidation.

The Manu receives 135 large and small affluents.

Since the advent of the incandescent mantle, the efficiency of which is dependent upon the heating power of the gas more than on its illuminating power, the manu facture of coal gas has undergone considerable modifications.