Sentence Examples with the word Mansur

On pretence of conferring with him on important business of state, Mansur induced him, in spite of the warnings of his best general, Abu Nasr, to come to Madam (Ctesiphon), and in the most perfidious manner caused him to be murdered by his guards.

Al Mansur loved poetry and was fond of hearing poets repeat their own verses.

Mahmud refrained for the moment from vindicating his right; but, as soon as, through court intrigues, Mansur II.

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Thereupon Mansur overlooked the deficiency and gave Khalid the government of Mosul.

This Khalid, who was descended from an old sacerdotal family in Balkh, and had been one of the trusty supporters of Abu Moslim, Mansur appointed as minister of finance.

Previously the name of the Samanid sovereign, Mansur II.

Administration of Mahommed ben Abdallah, who took the royal name al-.Mansur Billah (the victorious through God) and is generally known as Mansur (q.v.), is also counted among the glories of the caliphate of Cordova.

The first care of Mansur was now to get rid of the powerful Abu Moslim, who had thus by another brilliant service strengthened his great reputation.

The reign of Abu'l-Abbas and the first part of that of Mansur had been almost a continuation of the former period.

Nuh (954-961); Mansur I.