Sentence Examples with the word Manipulating

You've been manipulating me for weeks now.

Only now, she understood he was manipulating her.

The longer Howie spoke on the phone, the more I felt guilty that we were manipulating him into a parlor game at the expense of his privacy.

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Symbolic Identities.- For the purpose of manipulating symbolic expressions it is necessary to be in possession of certain simple identities which connect certain symbolic products.

The signals were sent by cutting up the continuous hum in the telephone into long and short periods in accordance with the Morse code by manipulating the key in the primary circuit.

The two handles 82 serve for manipulating the instrument.

He was manipulating Laurencio and Toni like puppets, but Jessi was beyond him.

As the desire to dominate primaries was found to lead to many abuses, both in the way of manipulating the lists of party voters and in the unfair management of the primary meetings themselves, a movement was started for reforming the system, which, beginning soon after 1890, gathered so much support that now in the large majority of the states laws have been enacted for regulating the proceedings at primary nomination meetings.

One might argue that manipulating the Future and unfettered access to the present provides more than enough influence.

I bet the Watchers were counting on manipulating the only creature in the mortal realm that can battle an Other on earth.