Sentence Examples with the word Manipulated

The advantage of numerical marks is that they are more easily manipulated than symbols; the disadvantage, that they produce the false impression that merit can be estimated with mathematical accuracy.

It has been remarked by Hunter that More's life and works have been all along manipulated for political purposes, and in the interest of the holy see.

Brady waited impatiently as his friend manipulated the data.

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He lost a round with her in the immortal world, when she manipulated him into saving her life and those of her sisters-in-law.

I was manipulated into doing what I did to you.

She'd built up a callus around her heart, one that got stronger and easier to maintain as she manipulated evil men.

She sat down, growing oblivious to those around her as she manipulated and modified the battlefield.

Moreover, their Clichy club, directed by the abb Brottier, manipulated Parisian opinion; while many of the -refractory priests, having returned after the liberal Public Worship Act of September 1795, made active propaganda against the principles of the Revolution, and plotted the fall of the Directory as maintaining the States independence of the Church.

She manipulated the scene before her and saw his concern: the only food repository in the area was under attack.

Table services of Owari porcelain the ware itself excellently manipulated and of almost egg-shell fineness2re now decorated with floral scrolls, landscapes, insects, birds, figure-subjects and al sorts of designs, chaste, elaborate or quaint; and these services, representing so much artistic labor and originality, are, sold for prices that bear no due ratio to the skill required in their manufacture.