Sentence Examples with the word Maneuvered

Rather than draw nearer for him to protect her as they had agreed, she maneuvered the man she fought between them.

Jule rose and maneuvered through the crowd and down the small hall.

He overpowered her easily and maneuvered her down the hallway to her bedroom, stripping her and tossing her onto the bed in one move.

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Breathing deeply, she closed her eyes as the pilot maneuvered the aircraft sideways, up and down.

She maneuvered the car around washed out places and eased it over rocks that erupted from the surface of the dusty road.

He ducked a fist and maneuvered around a kick, snatching the intruder's body and shoving it into the wall.

Kiera maneuvered through the crowd, out of place in her jeans, T-shirt, and armband marking her as Anshan.

He maneuvered a turn.

He maneuvered the team around a big stump.

Dean maneuvered the still-unconscious figure beneath the covers, tucking the blanket as tightly as he dared.