Sentence Examples with the word Managed

These institutions were managed by the clergy, and throughout the dark and middle ages the hospital and nursing systems were connected with religious bodies.

As he left her chambers, he was unable to dispel the whispered warning that the queen of Tiyan had managed to force him into uttering an oath he swore never to give.

They were so busy with wedding arrangements that Carmen couldn't afford time to miss him - but somehow she managed to do it anyway.

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It took him two attempts, but he managed a clumsy mount and sat uneasily in the saddle for a moment before turning his attention to the other two.

When the door was locked, he showed me where to hang my hat, and how he managed matters there.

With an effort, she managed to straddle the vehicle behind him.

The funds of the college, arising from lands and the fees of students, are managed solely by the provost and seven senior fellows, who form a board, to which and to the academic council the whole government of the university, both in its executive and its legislative branches, is committed.

The commander, Lieutenant William Bligh, was set adrift in the launch with part of the crew, but managed to make his way to Timor in the Malay Archipelago.

The process therefore is so managed that only the outer shell of the casting is chilled, and that the interior remains graphitic, i.e.

The contorted strata of slate and greywacke rock must have been formed at a period vastly anterior to that in which the lake of the upper valley managed to force an outlet through the enclosing barriers.