Sentence Examples with the word Malarious

It was first used in 1861, and since then has been employed during the hot weather as a health station for the British troops quartered in the hot and malarious vale of Peshawar.

The 17th and 18th centuries, however, mark the worst period of depopulation in the more malarious parts of the Campagna, which seems to have begun in the 15th century, though we hear of malaria throughout the middle ages.

An experiment made on the railway staff at Bovino, a highly malarious district on the Adriatic, gave a striking result.

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After overcoming the natural difficulties of a malarious climate and precipitous hills, the sepoys were on several occasions fairly worsted by the unexpected bravery of the little Gurkhas, whose heavy knives or kukris dealt terrible execution.

Eight Red Cross ambulances, each with a doctor and attendant, were sent into the most malarious parts of the Campagna in 1900.

By the end of the Republic a good many parts of Latium were infected, and Rome itself was highly malarious in the warm months (see W.

If this factor could be discovered it might be applied to the suppression of the disease in malarious localities.

Its present deserted and malarious state is probably owing to the silting up of the mouth of the Silarus, which has overflowed its bed, and converted the plain into unproductive marshy ground.

Proper drainage and improvement of the (generally fertile) low-lying and hitherto malarious plains.

The malarious tarsi fringing the Himalayas, the uninhabitable swamps of the Gangetic delta, and the wide jungles of the central plateau are at present the chief home of the tiger.