Sentence Examples with the word Mala

Westward, are connected by a good carriage-road with the Somali settlement of Mala about midway.

In the Mala strana and the adjoining Hradcany are situated the winter residences of the wealthy Bohemian nobility.

As a matter of fact, all dates in this era down to the 10th century never use the word Vikram, but that of Mala y a instead, that being the tribe that gives its name to Malwa.

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Moreover, while many strikes were quite orderly, the turbulent character of a part of the Italian people and their hatred of authority often converted peaceful demands for better conditions into dangerous riots, in which the dregs of the urban population (known as teppisti or the mala vita) joined.

Lurin and Mala are smaller valleys, but the great vale of Caflete is one green sheet of sugar-cane; and narrow strips of desert separate it from the fertile plain of Chincha, and Chincha from the famous vineyards of Pisco.

It is probable that at an early period buildings sprang up in those parts of the present Stare mesto and Mala strana that are situated nearest to the banks of the river.

The Mala y a dynasty maintained Hindu civilization in the 6th century, and from 606 to 646 Harsha established a brief but brilliant empire in the north with its capital at Kanauj.

The public buildings include the cathedral (1760), the government palace, the municipal palace, the episcopal palace, the church of Santa Ana, a national theatre, a school of arts and trades, a foreign hospital, the former administration building of the Canal Company, Santo Tomas Hospital, the pesthouse of Punta Mala and various asylums. The houses are mostly of stone, with red tile roofs, two or three storeys high, built in the Spanish style around central patios, or courts, and with balconies projecting far over the narrow streets; in such houses the lowest floor is often rented to a poorer family.

In 57 B.C. the Sakas were attacked simultaneously by Parthians from the west and by the Mala y a clans from the east and their power was destroyed.

The collections belonging to it and its library were at first housed in the Mala strana, then in a somewhat larger building in the Pfikopy.