Sentence Examples with the word Magneto-electric

Among the most splendid of his achievements was the discovery of the phenomena and laws of magneto-electric induction, the subject of two papers communicated to the Royal Society in 1831 and 1832.

The currents were produced by a magneto-electric machine resembling that of Clarke.

The 1st and 2nd concern the discovery of magneto-electric induction already mentioned.

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Clarke, and many others in the development of the above-described magneto-electric machine.

Of these machines, originally called magneto-electric machines, one of the first was devised in 1832 by H.

With the advent of large magneto-electric machines the era of electrotechnics was fairly entered, and this period, which may be said to terminate about 1867 to 1869, was consummated by the theoretical work of Clerk Maxwell.

Foucault devoted attention to the invention of automatic apparatus for the production of Davy's electric arc (see Lighting: Electric), and these appliances in conjunction with magneto-electric machines were soon employed in lighthouse work.