Sentence Examples with the word Magister

In 1248 he returned to Cologne with Albertus, and was appointed second lecturer and magister studentium.

Owing to the fame of this work, he is mentioned by Dante as the Magister sex principiorum.

In the r 2th century a magister justitiarius also appears in the Norman kingdom of Sicily, title and office being probably borrowed from England; he presided over the royal court (Magna curia) and was, with his assistants, empowered to decide, inter alia, all cases reserved to the Crown (see Du Cange, s.v.

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His pieces abound in comic situations, and some of them, Magister Blackstadius (1844), Rika Morbror (1845), En tragedi i Vimtnerby (1848) and others, maintain their reputation.

Made him a baron (1613), count of Beregh (1617), and lord-lieutenant of the county of Zolyom and magister curiae regiae (1618).

The amir Abul-afar became a Roman vassal, and, like Alaric of old, became magister militum in the Roman army.

PETER LOMBARD (c. I Ioo - c. 1160), bishop of Paris, better known as Magister sententiarum, the son of obscure parents, was born about the beginning of the 12th century, at Novara (then reckoned as belonging to Lombardy).

He entered the army at an early age, when Constantius II was emperor of the East, and was sent to serve under Ursicinus, governor of Nisibis and magister militiae.

At the Sorbonne he acquired a great reputation for ability in discussion, and was known as the Doctor Illuminatus and Magister Acutus.

Singer, Die Summa Decretorum des Magister Rufinus (Paderborn, 1902).