Sentence Examples with the word Maggiore

The occupation of Caporetto threatened to open another route nearly as short, but the possession of Monte Maggiore and the Stol, together with Monte Matajur, gave good hope that the advance of the enemy might be quickly brought to a halt when it had outrun the protecting fire of its own guns.

It is situated on the Gulf of Quarnero in a sheltered position at the foot of the Monte Maggiore (4580 ft.), and is surrounded by beautiful woods of laurel.

Maria Maggiore is noteworthy.

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Pier Maggiore (now S.

The churches of San Giorgio Maggiore and of the Redentore, a votive church for liberation from the plague, are both by Palladio.

The Mesozoic belt of the southern border of the chain extends from Lago Maggiore eastwards.

Of a wholly different character is the Lago di Varese, between the Lago Maggiore and that of Lugano, which is a mere shallow expanse of water, surrounded by hills of very moderate elevation.

The erection of the obelisks of the Vatican, the Lateran, the Piazza del Popolo and the square behind the tribune of Sta Maria Maggiore lent a lustre to Rome which no other city in the world could rival.

Shore of the Lago Maggiore past Baveno, Stresa and Arona, and so on to Milan.

On the southern side of the chain the Mesozoic zone disappears entirely a little west of Lago Maggiore and the crystalline rocks rise directly from the plain.