Sentence Examples with the word Maecenas

He had not only become reconciled to the new order of things, but was moved by his intimate friendship with Maecenas to aid in raising the world to sympathy with the imperial rule through the medium of his lyrical inspiration, as Virgil had through the glory of his epic art.

He was the best friend of his innumerable poor relatives, and the Maecenas of all the struggling authors of his day.

Licinius, played an excellent Maecenas to his Augustus.

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GAIUS MAECENAS (CILNIUS), Roman patron of letters, was probably born between 74 and 64 B.C., perhaps At Arretium.

His imitator and superintendent, Fouquet, the Maecenas of the future Augustus, concealed this gambling policy beneath the lustre of the arts and the glamour of a literature remarkable for elevation of thought ana vigour of style, and further characterized by the proud though somewhat restricted freedom conceded to men like Corneille, Descartes and Pascal, but soon to disappear.

In 1659 Fouquet, the Maecenas of the time, persuaded him to alter his resolve, and Odipe, a play which became a great favourite with Louis XIV., was the result.

The Cilnii with whom Maecenas was connected were a noble Etruscan family.

The Gaius Maecenas mentioned in Cicero (Pro Cluentio, 56) as an influential member of the equestrian order in 91 B.C. may have been his grandfather, or even his father.

Pareille, -was the indefatigable Maecenas of these innovators, and the incarnation of the Protestant spirit at its purest.

It is said that by the advice of Maecenas he resolved to attach Agrippa still more closely to him by making him his son-in-law.