Sentence Examples with the word MacMillan

The same year MacMillan made a long journey to Amund Ringnes I.

For the loan of several figures from the translations published by them of the admirable treatise on Embryology by Professors Korschelt and Heider; also to the publishers of the treatise on Palaeontology by Professor Zittel, Herr Oldenbourg and The Macmillan Co., New York, for several cuts of extinct forms.

In March 1914 MacMillan and Green crossed Smith Sound on the ice, traversed Ellesmere Land, and, passing by Bay Fjord and Nansen Sound, reached Cape Thomas Hubbard.

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Zittel, American edition of his Palaeontology (the Macmillan Co., New York), where ample references to the literature of Trilobitae and Eurypteridae will be found; also references to literature of fossil Scorpions and Spiders; 23.

The Macmillan Free Church perpetuates the memory of John Macmillan (d.

Shilling monthlies began with Macmillan (1859), the Cornhill (1860), first edited by Thackeray, and Temple Bar (1860).