Sentence Examples with the word MacGillivray

The Port Moresby beds are Cainozoic. They are highly inclined, and occupy a large range of country along the south coast, and include the Macgillivray Range, to the north-east of Beagle Bay.

He freely recognized the prior discoveries of, as he thought, Audubon, though really, as has since been ascertained, of Macgillivray; but Muller was able to perceive their systematic value, which Macgillivray did not, and taught others to know it.

Fuller knowledge has shown that Macgillivray was ill-advised in laying stress on the systematic value of adaptive characters, but his contributions to anatomy were valuable, and later investigators, in particular H.

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Among the many species whose anatomy Macgillivray thus partly described from autopsy were at least half a dozen' of those now referred to the family Tyrannidae (see King 1 Archiv fiir Naturgeschichte, vii.

It has already been mentioned that Macgillivray contributed to Audubon's Ornithological Biography a series of descriptions of some parts of the anatomy of American birds, from Mac- gillivray subjects supplied to him by that enthusiastic naturalist, and whose zeal and prescience, it may be called, in this respect merits all praise.