Sentence Examples with the word Maas

MAASTRICHT, or Maestricht, a frontier town and the capital of the province of Limburg, Holland, on the left bank of the Maas at the influx of the river Geer, 19 m.

Bourg-St Andeol, Thines, Maas and Cruas have interesting Romanesque churches.

At last by a sudden assault the Sea-Beggars seized the town of Brill at the mouth of Capture of n the Maas (April I, 1572).

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Smith and P. Maas (Zeit.

The introduction of steam has greatly increased the shipping on the Rhine; and small steamers ply also on the Main, the Neckar, the Maas and the Mosel.

ROERMOND, a town in the province of Limburg, Holland, on the right bank of the Maas at the confluence of the Roer, and a junction station 28 m.

Beyond the marketplace is the High Street, which runs along the top of the Maas Dyke.

Zeeland consists of the delta islands formed about the estuaries of the Maas and Scheldt with its two arms, the Honte or Western Scheldt, and the Ooster Scheldt, together with a strip of mainland called ZeelandFlanders.

In this way the towns of Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maasluis have all gradually extended over the Maas dike in order to keep in touch with the river, and the small town of Delftshaven is built altogether on the outer side of the same dike.

The three principal rivers are the Rhine, the Maas (Meuse) and the Scheldt (Schelde), and all three have their origin outside the Rivers.