Sentence Examples with the word MONTES

From Montes Claros, in the valley of the Verde Grande River, and attracted large numbers of miners.

Above the city) on the north, and the Sierra Nevada with its snow-clad peaks of Popocatapetl and Ixtaccihuatl farther away to the south-east - and by a part of the Sierra de Ajusco, known as the Montes de las Cruces, from which the greater part of the city's water supply is derived.

Its culminating point is in the Montes Pyreneos, near the city of Goyaz, and is about 4500 ft.

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By the Montes Moschici, Armenia and part of Pontus, and W.

Corniculum, farther west, stood on the summit of one of three conical hills that rise abruptly out of the plain at the distance of a few miles from Monte Gennaro, the nearest of the Apennines, and which were thence known as the Montes Corniculani.

The Tagus rises in the Montes Universales on the borders of leruel, and flows in a westerly direction until it enters the Atlantic below Lisbon, after a total course of 565 m.

Above sea-level, the Nevado de Toluca (15,168 ft.), in a range which separates the valleys of Mexico and Toluca, the Montes de las Cruces, and that volcanic, spur-like range, running northward at right angles to the axis of the other ranges, whose culminating points, some 20 m.

On the southern half of the table-land a shorter series of sierras, consisting of the Montes de Toledo in the east (highest elevation Tejadillas, 4567 ft.) and the sierras of San Pedro, Montanchez and Guadalupe in the west (highest elevation Cabeza del Moro, 5100 ft.), separates the basins of the Tagus and Guadiana.

Among these are the Gulfs of Tres Montes and San Estevan, and Tarn Bay at the entrance to Messier Channel.

After entering Valencia, it receives on the left its chief tributary the Cabriel, which also rises near the Cerro de San Felipe, in the Montes Universales.