Sentence Examples with the word MEMOIRE

In 1826, in his Memoire sur les roues hydrauliques a aubes courbes, he brought forward improvements in the construction of water-wheels, which more than doubled their efficiency.

His SOD, Edouard Constant Biot (1803-1850), after amassing a competence from railway engineering, turned to the study of Chinese subjects, and published Causes de l'abolition de l'esclavage ancien en occident (1840); Dictionnaire des noms anciens et modernes des villes et des arrondissements compris dans l'empire chinois (1842); Essai sur l'histoire de l'instruction publique en Chine et de la corporation des lettres (1847); Memoire sur les colonies militaires et agricoles des chinois (1850).

During the agitations that preceded the Revolution Cerutti took the popular side, and in 1788 published a pamphlet, Memoire pour le peuple francais, in which in a clear and trenchant style he advocated the claims of the tiers etat.

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The whole of this Memoire should be read to get an adequate idea of Mirabeau's genius for politics; here it must be summarized.

He was sent on a number of special scientific missions, among which may be mentioned one to England, on which he wrote a notable Memoire sur le travail des femmes et des enfants da p s les manufactures de l'Angleterre (1867).

Many writings are attributed to Richelieu, although owing to his habit of working with substitutes and assistants it is difficult to settle how much of what passes under his name is authentic. Les Thuileries, La Grande Pastorale, Mirame, and the other plays, over whose fate he trembled as over the result of an embassy or a campaign, have long been forgotten; but a permanent interest attaches to his Memoires and correspondence: Memoire d'Armand du Plessis de Richelieu, eveque de Lucon, ecrit de sa main, l'annee 1607 ou 1610, alors qu'il meditait de paraitre d la cour, edited by Armand Baschet (1880); Histoire de la mere et du fill (i.e.

The theorem of duality is considered and developed, but chiefly in regard to its metrical applications, by Michel Chasles in the Memoire de geometrie sur deux principes generaux de la science, la dualite et l'homographie, which forms a sequel to the Apercu historique l'origine t.

Solier, Memoire de la physiologie des algues (Paris, 1856); J.

After the revolution of 1830 he came to Paris, formed connexions with numerous political personages, even with King Louis Philippe, and became a brilliant defender of Liberal ideas in the law courts and in the press, - witness his :loge funebre of the bishop Gregoire (1830), his Memoire for the political rehabilitation of Marshal Ney (1833), and his plea for the accused of April (1835).

Franke, Beitrage aus chinesischen Quellen zur Kenntnis der Tiirkvolker and Skythen (1904); Ujfalvy, Memoire sur les Huns Blancs (1898); Drouin, Memoire sur les Huns Ephthalites (1895); and various articles by Vincent Smith, Specht, Drouin, and E.