Sentence Examples with the word MATERIALS

In his dictionary, again, he recast the lexicological materials independently, and enriched lexicography itself, especially by his numerous etymological explanations.

These fertilizing materials are found stored up in the soil ready for the use of the roots of the plants.

Sir Robert Peel told the house that, in his previous budgets, he had given the manufacturers of the country free access to the raw materials which they used.

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Here, indeed, their materials were naturally fuller and more trustworthy, and less room was left for fanciful decoration and capricious alteration of the facts.

Out of the materials of the ancient city the Turks built a fort, which at the time of the French occupation was itself a heap of ruins.

Numerous varieties of soaps are made; the purposes to which they are applied are varied; the materials employed embrace a considerable range of oils, fats and other bodies; and the processes adopted undergo many modifications.

If these things, however, indicate Prescott's deficiencies from the point of view of ideal history, few historians have had in a higher degree that artistic feeling in the broad arrangement of materials which ensures popular interest.

Ouro Preto has several historic buildings; they are of antiquated appearance and built of the simplest materials - broken stone and mortar, with an exterior covering of plaster.

Brock and 60 ratings were lent to the Dover command, where a small factory was set up to prepare the materials for it.

The method once exclusively used consists in mixing the raw materials with a large quantity of water in a wash mill, a machine having radial horizontal arms driven from a central vertical spindle and carrying harrows which stir up and intermix any soft material placed in the pit in which the apparatus revolves.