Sentence Examples with the word Màrius

He at first supported Marius and the popular party, but soon went over to the other side.

Geiger, C. Marius Victorinus Afer, ein neuplatonischer Philosoph (Metten, 1888); G.

Meantime, Sulla having left Italy for the Mithradatic war, Cinna's sudden and violent revolution put the senate at the mercy of the popular leaders, and Marius greedily caught at the opportunity of a bloody vengeance, which became in fact a reign of terror in which senators and nobles were slaughtered wholesale.

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He was also chiefly instrumental in securing the election of Marius to his fourth consulship (102).

As a continuation of the Chronicon of Prosper of Aquitaine, Marius wrote a short Chronicon dealing with the period from 455 to 581; and although he borrowed from various sources his work has some importance for the history of Burgundy.

Gerlach, Marius and Sulla (1856); J.

He must have been a consenting party to the hideous massacres of Marius and Cinna in 87, though he seems to have done what he could to mitigate their horrors.

This other evidence consists partly of letters from Nestorius, preserved among the works of those to whom they were written, some sermons collected in a Latin translation by Marius Mercator, an African merchant who was doing business in Constantinople at the time of the dispute, and,other material gathered from Syriac manuscripts.

B.) Mercie, Marius Jean Antonin (1845-), French sculptor and painter, was born in Toulouse on the 30th of October 1845.

In 102 the Teutoni and Ambrones were totally defeated by Marius at Aquae Sextiae (see Marius, GAlus).