Sentence Examples with the word Lysanias

Two inscriptions are adduced as evidence for the existence of a younger Lysanias - Beckh, C.I.G.

Received a kingdom - first Chalcis, and then the tetrarchies of Philip and Lysanias - but, though he had the oversight of the Temple and the nomination of the high priest, and enjoyed a reputation for knowledge of Jewish customs and questions, he was unable to check the growing power of the Zealots.

Krenkel (Josephus and Lucas, Leipzig, 18 94, p. 97) is that Josephus does not mean to imply that Abila was the only possession of Lysanias, and that he calls it the tetrarchy or kingdom of Lysanias because it was the last remnant of the domain of Lysanias which remained under direct Roman administration until the time of Agrippa.

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According to some accounts he was the son of a sausage-maker, but others say that his father was Lysanias (Diog.

The only Lysanias mentioned in profane history as exercising authority in this district was executed in 36 B.C. by M.