Sentence Examples with the word Lynceus

Idas and Lynceus were originally gods of light, probably the sun and moon, the herd of cattle (for the possession of which they strove with the Dioscuri) representing the heavenly bodies.

According to another story, Lynceus slew Danaus and his daughters and seized the throne of Argos (schol.

The grave of Idas and Lynceus was shown at Sparta, according to Pausanias (iii.

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There, as above explained, Leach began the subdivision of Muller's too comprehensive genus, the result being that Lynceus belongs to the Phyllopoda, and Chydorus (Leach, 1816) properly gives its name to the present family, in which the doubly convoluted intestine is so remarkable.

Brachyurus (Muller), and as this is included in the genus Limnetis (Lovell, 1846), that genus must be a synonym of Lynceus as restricted.