Sentence Examples with the word Lying in

He dreamed that he was lying in the room he really was in, but that he was quite well and unwounded.

Thus a mass or chain of embryos is produced, lying in a common cyst, and developing as their larval host develops.

With these is often included the rocky islet of Fatuhuku or Hood, lying in mid-channel to the north of Hivaoa.

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This thread gives rise to a spiral ciliated band lying in a depression on the body of each spermatozoid; the large spermatozoids eventually escape from the pollen-tube, and are able to perform ciliary movements in the watery liquid which occurs between the thin papery remnant of nucellar tissue and the archegonial necks.

What's the matter? made Natasha approach more swiftly to what was lying in the corner.

It entered the Thames, forced the entrance of the Medway, and burnt both the dockyard at Chatham and a number of the finest ships in the navy which were lying in the river.

It also includes the ocean frontage of Marajo, an island about the size of the kingdom of Denmark lying in the mouth of the Amazon.

Amid the powder smoke, slowly dispersing over the whole space through which Napoleon rode, horses and men were lying in pools of blood, singly or in heaps.

Around being then only three fathoms deep. Lying in the fairway of vessels making or leaving the Tay and Forth, besides ports farther north, it was a constant menace to navigation.

As she ascended the porch steps, she noticed two books lying in the rocker.