Sentence Examples with the word Lured

When we arrived, Memon lured us to his kingdom and killed everyone but me.

She wanted to go down on her own terms, not lured into a false sense of safety before he chopped off her head.

By the time Lana caught up, he'd had been lured into one of the buildings by a little girl with a handful of uncooked rice.

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Occasionally a kind of frenzy even would seem to seize on them, and lured by.

It might have proved even more dangerous than the rebellion of 1403, if Henrys unscrupulous general Ralph, earl of Westmorland, had not lured Scrope and Mowbray to a conference, and then arrested them under circumstances of the vilest treachery.

The career of Napoleon, which had lured France far away from the principles of 1789, now brought her back to that starting-point; just as, in the physical sphere, his campaigns from1796-1814had at first enormously swollen her bulk and then subjected her to a shrinkage still more portentous.

The ease, too, with which he outshone men of vastly greater learning lured him from the task of intense and arduous study.

One is lured by women, another by honors, a third by ambition or money, and they go over to that camp.

Yet, when the smell of bacon lured him to the kitchen, she found herself wishing he would address the subject.

She was a plant by the Dark One who lured you and probably the rest of your brothers into bed.