Sentence Examples with the word Lukas

During the raid he carried a letter containing the names of the proposed new executive, and had the raid succeeded it was proposed to make General Lukas Meyer (d.

On the 10th of October the Dundee brigade vigorously and successfully attacked Talana Hill, and drove back Lukas Meyer, but this success was dearly bought.

Turrianus - one of the papal theologians at the Council of Justificatione, 1 557), the title was used in 1659 by the Lutheran Lukas Friedrich Reinhard (1623-1688), professor of theology at Altdorf (Synopsis theologiae dogmaticae, eds.

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These Boers, led by Lukas Meyer (1846-1902), claimed as a stipulated reward for their services the cession of the greater and more valuable part of central Zululand.

Against this force there advanced a Boer force under Lukas Meyer from the east, and, more slowly, the foremost portion of the main Boer army from the north, while at the same time other Transvaalers descended upon the railway between Glencoe and Ladysmith, and the Free Staters from the passes of the Drakensberg advanced towards Ladysmith, the British centre of - operations at which the reinforcements sent from India gathered.

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The best-known work of his son Lukas was an Epitome of the Magdeburg Centuries.

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Hobart, The Medical Language of St Luke (Dublin, 1882), but hitherto neglected by many Continental scholars, has been urged afresh by Harnack, Lukas der Arzt (Leipzig, 1906; Eng.

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