Sentence Examples with the word Luise

As a counterblast to this the grand-duke Charles issued in 181 a pragmatic sanction (Hausgesetz) declaring the counts of Hochberg, the issue of a morganatic marriage between the grand-duke Charles Frederick and Luise Geyer von Geyersberg (created Countess Hochberg), capable of succeeding to the crown.

And der Konigin Luise mit Kaiser Alexander I.

He did not even feel secure against extradition in Mannheim, and after several weeks spent mainly in the village of Oggersheim, where his third drama, Luise Millerin, or, as it was subsequently renamed, Kabale and Liebe, was in great part written, he found a refuge at Bauerbach in Thuringia, in the house of Frau von Wolzogen, the mother of one of his former schoolmates.

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