Sentence Examples with the word Ludwig

KARL LUDWIG FERNOW (1763-1808), German art-critic and archaeologist, was born in Pomerania on the 19th of November 1763.

The insurgent forces were under the command .of the Pole, Ludwig von Mieroslawski (1814-1878), who reduced them to some semblance of order.

CARL LUDWIG CHRISTIAN RUMKER (1788-1862), German astronomer, was born in Mecklenburg on the 28th of May 1788.

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On the 17th of February 1847, Abel was dismissed, for publishing his memorandum against the proposal to naturalize Lola, who was an Irishwoman; and the Protestant Georg Ludwig von Maurer took his place.

De fart pendant la Renaissance (1889-95); Ludwig Geiger, Humanismus and Renaissance in Italien and Deutschland (1882), and Cambridge Modern History, vol.

Isenberg, who was followed by Dr Ludwig Krapf, the discoverer of Mount Kenya, and others.

As Ludwig Noire observes, Schopenhauer has no feeling for the problem of the origin of organic beings.

Herz, Keplers A strologie (1895); Ludwig Gunther, Keplers Traum vom Mond (1898; an annotated translation of the Somnium); A.

CHRISTIAN KARL AUGUST LUDWIG VON MASSENBACH (1758-1827), Prussian soldier, was born at Schmalkalden on the 16th of April 1758, and educated at Heilbronn and Stuttgart, devoting himself chiefly to mathematics.

HELMHOLTZ, HERMANN LUDWIG FERDINAND VON (1821-1894), German philosopher and man of science, was born on the 31st of August 1821 at Potsdam, near Berlin.