Sentence Examples with the word Lucernaria

Of the table of hypothetical descent), we may conceive of its descendant as tentaculate, capable of either floating (swimming) or fixation at will like Lucernaria to-day; and exhibiting incipient differentiation of myoepithelial cells (formerly termed neuro-muscular cells).

In forms such as Lucernaria and Charybdaea, in which the umbrella is of deep form and the stomachcavity consequently of great extent in the vertical direction, the concrescence-areas or septal nodes are drawn out into vertical partitions or taeniolae (fig.

On the other hand, such a form as Lucernaria or Haliclystus may be regarded simply as a scyphistoma which has become adult and mature.

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Nevertheless a comparison between Lucernaria and its close ally Haliclystus shows clearly that the absence of sense-organs in the former is the result of secondary reduction, so that a true medusa may lose its most characteristic feature.