Sentence Examples with the word Lucía

At their southern end and flows into the northern end of St Lucia Lake.

In this direction the principal buildings are the Wolfendahl church, a massive Doric building of the Dutch (1749); the splendid Roman Catholic cathedral of St Lucia (completed in 1904); and St Thomas's College (1851), which follows the lines of an English public school.

The separation of the Pipils from the chief tribes of the Nahuatl branch happened centuries before the conquest, and they developed a singular and characteristic civilization, which can be seen in the wonderful stone-reliefs and sculptures of Sta Lucia de Cozumalhuapa on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.

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St Lucia Bay had been ceded to the British by the Zulu king Panda in 1843, and this cession has always been regarded as valid.

The Umfolosi, with two main branches, the Black and White Umfolosi, drains the central part of the country and reaches the ocean at St Lucia Bay.

King, who had been a midshipman in the navy, Farewell visited Port Natal, St Lucia and Delagoa Bays.

The opening to the sea, St Lucia river, is at the south end.

Admiral Samuel Barrington, the British admiral in the Leeward Islands, had retaliated by seizing Santa Lucia on the 13th and 14th of December after the arrival of Hotham from North America.

They were taking a belated honeymoon in St Lucia at the time of his death.

Of these St Lucia Lake and Kosi Lake are of considerable size and communicate with the sea by estuaries.