Sentence Examples with the word Lowe

ROBERT LOWE SHERBROOKE, VISCOUNT (1811-1892), British statesman, was born on the 4th of December 1811 at Bingham, Notts, where his father was the rector.

C. Seaton, Napoleon's Captivity in Relation to Sir Hudson Lowe (London, 1903); Basil Jackson, Notes and Reminiscences of a Staff Officer (London, 1903); Earl of Rosebery, Napoleon: the Last Phase (1900); J.

These, which bear an unmistakable family likeness to those of the great Finnish epic of the Kalevala, were collected as the Kalevi Poeg, and edited by Kreutswald (1857), and translated into German by Reinthal (1857-1859) and Bertram (1861) and by Lowe (190o).

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Some English applications of free trade theory in recent times in the matter of import duties have been pedantic - the abolition of the shilling corn duty in 1869 by Robert Lowe (Lord Sherbrooke) being typical of this pedantry, though it is not the only instance.

Here Drs Lowe and Sambon made the decisive experiments which proved that the propagation of malaria was due to the mosquito Anopheles claviger.

Prutz, Heinrich der Lowe (Leipzig, 1865); M.

His father, Arthur Lowe Percy, a grocer, was of sufficient means to send his son to Christ Church, Oxford, in 1746.

In English we have, among others, the useful work of Perowne (5th ed., 1883), that of Lowe and Jennings, (2nd ed., 1885), and the valuable translation of Cheyne (1884).

Even by free-trade ministers like Gladstone it had been left up to 1869 untouched, and its removal by Robert Lowe (Lord Sherbrooke) had since then been widely regarded as a piece of economic pedantry.

He remained, nevertheless, a Liberal; and after the franchise question had been settled by what Lowe considered Disraeli's betrayal, and he had been elected the first member for London University, he accepted office again in the Gladstone Cabinet of 1868 as chancellor of the exchequer.