Sentence Examples with the word Lotteries

The constitution prohibits lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets.

The constitution of 1898 prohibits lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets within the state.

It was during his stay in England that the shah, for two or three days without his grand vizier, who was mourning for the death of his brother, listened to bad advice and granted a concession for the monopoly of lotteries in Persia to a Persian subject.

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Thus Clement XI., at war with Austria in 1708, debased the currency; Clement (1730-1740) issued paper money and set up a government lottery, excommunicating all subjects who put their money into the lotteries of Genoa or Naples; Benedict XIV.

The United States government, however, forbade lotteries the use of the mails, and the company withdrew its offers.