Sentence Examples with the word Lothar

He not only agrees with Laplace and Lyell about the evolution of the solar system, but also supposes that the affinities, pointed out by Lothar Meyer and Mendeleeff, between groups of chemical elements prove an evolution of these elements from a primitive matter (prothyl) consisting of homogeneous atoms. These, however, are not ultimate enough for him; he thinks that everything, ponderable and imponderable or ether, is evolved from a primitive substance, which condenses first into centres of condensation (pyknatoms), and then into masses, which when they exceed the mean consistency become ponderables, and when they fall below it become imponderables.

JULIUS LOTHAR MEYER (1830-1895), German chemist, was born on the 19th of August 1830, at Varel in Oldenburg.

Neither Swablan Lothar nor Conrad was strong at home; the former emperors.

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General theoretical and physical chemistry was treated with conspicuous acumen by Lothar Meyer in his Moderne Theorien, by W.

At the conclusion of the sitting, Lothar Meyer obtained a paper written by Stanislas Cannizzaro in 1858 wherein was found the final link required for the determination of atomic weights.

Under the imperial rule of Lothar the Saxon (1125-1137) and Conrad the Swabian (1138I I 52), these civil wars increased in violence owing to the absence of authority.

Many chemists contributed to the establishment of such a periodicity, the greatest advances being made by John Newlands in England, Lothar Meyer in Germany, and D.

Mit Lothar von Frankreich (Halle, 1882).