Sentence Examples with the word Lophophore

The great arm-sinus of each side of the lophophore lies beneath the fold or lip which together with the tentacles forms the ciliated groove in which the mouth opens.

The lophophore and stalk are largely composed of this tissue.

Gymnolaemata (Allman).- Lophophore circular, with no epistome.

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It will be noticed that the lophophore of Phoronis is, on this assumption, a derivative of the collar just as it is in the Pterobranchia.

A so-called heart lies on the dorsal surface of the oesophagus; it is closed behind, but in front it opens into a circumoesophageal ring, which gives off vessels into the lophophore and tentacles.

It is a remarkable fact that in Discinisca, although the vessels to the lophophore are arranged as in other Brachiopods, no trace of a heart or of the posterior vessels has as yet been discovered.

Places it has sunk into the con Passing from the middle line outwards they are - (i.) the median pallial nerve to the middle of the dorsal mantle; (ii.) numerous small nerves - the circum-oesophageal commissures - which pass round the oesophagus to the chief arm-nerve or supra-oesophageal ganglion; (iii.) the under arm-nerve to the lophophore and its muscles; (iv.) the lateral pallial nerve to the sides of the dorsal mantle.

At the tip of the introvert the mouth opens, and is surrounded in Sipunculus by a funnel-shaped, ciliated lophophore (figs.

The chaetae drop off, and the lophophore is believed to arise from thickenings which appear in the dorsal mantle lobe.

The lophophore is a simple circle in all Polyzoa except in the Phylactolaemata, where it typically has the form of a horse shoe outlined by the bases of the tentacles.