Sentence Examples with the word Looped

Other inventors had professed to find a solution of the problem by the use of looped receiving antennae or antennae inclined in various directions.

When Shipton looped the rope to descend, after he faked cutting it, Edith's cut was then positioned differently.

The excretory system is highly developed; the larger collecting ducts are elaborately looped and open posteriorly by a single terminal aperture.

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One arm looped around her and she braced herself against his chest, vaguely realizing that --by not refusing him the day before --he'd taken her response as a blank check.

He looped one leg across her hips so she couldn't move.

Deidre looped her arm through branches and leaned out as far as she could to see the lake.

In January the northern water areas of the continent are frozen and snow-covered; Hudson Bay becomes unduly cold, and the greatest southward bending of the isotherms is somewhat east of the continental axis, with an extension of its effects out upon the Atlantic; but the southward bending isotherms are somewhat looped back about the unfrozen waters of the lower Great Lakes.

The folds are part of an extensive system arranged as if in a festoon hanging southwards between Peshawar and Mount Ararat, but with the outer folds looped up at Sibi so as to form the subsidiary festoon of the Suliman and Bugti Hills.

The discovery of this significant looped arrangement of the morainic belts is the greatest advance in interpretation of glacial phenomena since the first suggestion of a glacial period; it is also the strongest proof that the ice here concerned was a continuous sheet of creeping land ice, and not a discontinuous series of floating icebergs, as had been supposed.

The closet contained a second suit and three shirts, each on its own hanger with a necktie looped over it.