Sentence Examples with the word Longitudinal section

The ovary adheres firmly to the seed in the interior, so that on examining a longitudinal section of the grain by the microscope the outer layer is seen to consist of epidermal cells, of which the uppermost are prolonged into short hairs to cover the apex of the grain.

Diagrammatic longitudinal section of cone, showing the axis (ax) bearing the bracts (br) with peltate sporangiophores (sp) springing from their axils; sm, sporangia.

In the catkin shown in longitudinal section in fig.

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A, Larva which has just left brood-pouch; B, longitudinal section through a somewhat later stage; C, the fully formed embryo just before fixing - the neo-embryo of Beecher.

Diagrammatic longitudinal section of the cone, showing the axis (ax) bearing alternate whorls of bracts (br) and peltate sporangiophores (sp) with their sporangia (sm).

A, the annulus, or remnant of C, longitudinal section of mature velum partiale.

Fin, 22.Median Longitudinal Section of the Growing, Point of the Stem of HiPPurii vulgaris, showing a many-layered meristem.

A, Longitudinal section of the rhizome, including a node and portions of the adjoining internodes; k, septum between the two internodal cavities, hh; gg, vascular bundles; 1, vallecular canal; s, leaf-sheath.

Nulariidae, Syringoporidae, B, Diagrammatic longitudinal section Tubi oridae and Favosi- of a corallite, showing two platforms, t i dae In the first-named p,and simple and cup-shaped tabulae, t.