Sentence Examples with the word Longa

Wellington had further organized the Spanish forces - Castanos (40,000), with the guerrilla bands of Mina, Longa and others, was in Galicia, the Asturias and northern Spain; Copons (io,000) in Catalonia; Elio (20,000) in Murcia; Del Parque (12,000) in the Sierra Morena, and O'Donell (15,000) in Andalusia.

During the war between Rome and Alba Longa it was agreed that the issue should depend on a combat between the two families.

Mention may also be made of the Lares grundules, whose worship was connected with the white sow of Alba Longa and its thirty young (the epithet has been connected with grunnire, to grunt): the viales, who protected travellers; the hostilii, who kept off the enemies of the state; the permarini, connected with the sea, to whom L.

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It is asserted, too, that some of the earliest tombs of the necropolis of Alba Longa were found beneath a stratum of peperino.

But it is certain that no city took the place of Alba Longa until comparatively late times.

The view that the modern Albano occupies the site of Alba Longa was commonly held in the 15th and 16th centuries, but was disproved by P. Cluver (1624).