Sentence Examples with the word Lon

Grande and Lon awaited them in the living room, and they rose as she approached.

Damian ignored his hint, and Lon didn't press.

We've got to start moving everything within twenty-four hours, Lon told them, slinging a machine gun over his shoulder.

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The Peace of Oliva (May 3, 1660), made under F rench mediation ut an end to the lon feud with P g Poland and, at the same time, ended the quarrel between Sweden on the one side, and the emperor and the elector of Brandenburg on the other.

I (I) represents a section through an infant mushroom, (2) a mature example, and (3) a lon g itudinal section through a fully developed mushroom.

This has to be my favorite time of year, and the one time Lon promises not to dissect our credit card bills.

She was afraid of Benny until Lon told her to pretend like he was you.

So, if Lon said something stupid to you, you could toss him into the air and leave him there until he agreed to treat you with an ounce of respect.