Sentence Examples with the word Lollardy

The king, who had hitherto seemed anxious to repress the action of the clergy against the Lollards, spoke strongly against the petition and its promoters, and Lollardy never again had the power in England which it wielded up to this year.

An interval of peace occurred, among a series of border battles, and the heresy of Lollardy was attacked by the clergy; Resby, who had been a priest in England, was burned in 1407 at Perth.

The eyes of the orthodox with that Lollardy with which it nad for a time allied itself, and had shared in its discredit.

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It was not till the next reign, when the bishops succeeded in calling in the crown to their aid, and passed the statute De heretico comburendo, that Lollardy ceased to flourish.

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From this time Lollardy appears.

There was no more wayside preaching, but instead there were conventicula occulta in houses, in peasants' huts, in sawpits and in field ditches, where the Bible was read and exhortations were given, and so Lollardy continued..

There was some heresy in England during the opening decades of the 6th century, survivals of the Lollardy which now and then brought a victim to the stake.

Had aided the clergy to suppress Lollardy without much success.

The archbishop, having the power of the throne behind him, attacked that stronghold of Lollardy the university of Oxford.