Sentence Examples with the word Lola

The position was still further embittered by the fact that, owing to an indiscretion, the memorandum became known to the public. Thereupon the king, irritated and outraged, replaced Abel's Clerical ministry by a more accommodating Liberal one under Zu Rhein under which Lola Montez without more difficulty became Countess Landsberg.

This was due to the king's relations with the Spanish dancer Lola Montez, who appeared in Munich in October 1846, and soon succeeded by her beauty and wit in fascinating the king, who was always susceptible to feminine charms. The political importance of this lay in the fact that the royal mistress began to use her great influence against the clerical policy of the Abel ministry.

If I had a date when this Lola lady died, I might find something, but I'm not sure what good it would do us.

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There will be more work for the rest of us tomorrow night with Lola gone.

Fuchs, Lola Montez in der Karrikatiire (1904); L.

Listen to this: Lola took the laudanum last evening.

The collapse of this regime was due, not to popular agitation, but to the resentment of Louis at the clerical opposition to the influence of his mistress, Lola Montez.

Bibliography.-Of the numerous pamphlets, especially of the years 1846-1848, we need only mention here: P. Erdmann, Lola Montez and die Jesuiten (1847); Geheimbericht uber Bayern (1847), published by Fowmier in Deutsche Revue, vol.