Sentence Examples with the word Lois

Nau, Une Biographic inedite de Bardesane l'astrologue (1897); Bardesane l'astrologue: le livre des Lois des Pays (1899); A.

Here we trace the influence of Leibnitz and Lotze, which is still more marked in La Contingence des lois de la nature (1874), by E.

His chief works are Elements d'ideologie (1817-1818; 2nd ed., 1824-1825), in which he presented the complete statement of his earlier monographs; Commentaire sur l'esprit des lois de Montesquieu (1806; 5th ed., 1828; Eng.

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Thoulet, L'Ocean, ses lois et ses problemes (Paris, 1904); J.

His first works, Theorie des lois criminelles (1781) and Bibliotheque philosophique du legislateur (1782), were on the philosophy of law, and showed how thoroughly Brissot was imbued with the ethical precepts of Rousseau.

Of France in 1 576 (Isambert, Anciennes lois francaises, xiv.

Herschel wrote a full account in the Edinburgh Review), and in 1848 Du systeme social et des lois qui le regissent.

His Theorie des lois civiles (London, 1767) is a vigorous defence of absolutism and attack on the politics of Montesquieu.

He was several times a successful competitor for the prizes given by the Academy of Sciences of Paris; the subjects of his essays being: - the laws of motion (Discours sur les lois de la communication du mouvement, 1727), the elliptical orbits of the planets, and the inclinations of the planetary orbits (Essai d'une nouvelle physique celeste, 1735).

It was nevertheless proscribed in the next year at the instance of the Montagnard deputy Albitte, for an anti-anarchical hemistich (Des lois et non du sang!); Fenelon (1793) was suspended after a few representations; and in 1794 his Timoleon, set to Etienne Mehul's music, was also proscribed.