Sentence Examples with the word Logothete

These were the Great Logothete (Marele Logofetu) or chancellor; the governor of Lower Moldavia - Vorniculu de t'erra de josu; the governor of Upper Moldavia - Vorniculu de t'erra de sus; the Hatman or commander - in - chief; the high chamberlain - Marele Postelnicu; the great Spathar, or sword-bearer; the great cupbearer - Marele Paharnicu; and the treasurer, or Vistiernicu, who together formed the prince's council and were known as Boiari de Svatu.

Latas, author of a valuable work on Christian archaeology (Athens, 1883); and the logothete S.

The Xo'yoOET1)s TOU 8p6, ov, who was practically the equivalent of the modern postmaster-general; and the XoyoNTris Toil 6TpaTw)TCKoi, the logothete of the military chest.

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Palaeologus, in 1432 protovestiarius (great chamberlain), in 1446 praefect of Sparta, and subsequently great logothete (chancellor).

After the deposition of his patron by Andronicus III., Metochita was deprived of his office of great logothete (chancellor) and sent into exile.