Sentence Examples with the word Logik

Georges Noel, La Logique de Hegel (Paris, 1897); Aloys Schmid, Die Entwickelungsgeschichte der Hegelschen Logik (Regensburg, 1858).

Shute, A Discourse on Truth (London, 1877); Alfred Sidgwick, Fallacies (London, 1883); The Use of Words in Reasoning (London, 1901); C. Sigwart, Logik (2nd ed., Freiburg-i.-Br.

Trans., 1881), a selection of passages from the Organon with Latin translation and notes, containing the substance of Aristotle's logical doctrine, supplemented by Erlduterungen zu den Elementen der Aristotelischen Logik (1842; 3rd ed.

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He became professor of philosophy at Tubingen, and wrote numerous books on the history of philosophy: - fiber den Zusammenhang des Spinozismus mit der Cartesianischen Philosophie (1816); Handbuch zu Vorlesungen fiber die Logik (1818, 3rd ed., 1835); Der Spinozismus (1839); and Geschichte der Philosophic (1844).

Ladd, Boston, 1887); Werner Luthe, Beitrage zur Logik (Berlin, 1872, 18 77); Members of Johns Hopkins University, Studies in Logic (edited by C. S.

Complementary to this is his System der Logik (1852).

He published Aristoteles fiber die Farben (1849), Aristoteles' acht Blcher der Physik (1857), and numerous minor articles on smaller points, such as the authenticity of the thirty-eight books of the Problems. The work by which he is best known is the Geschichte der Logik im Abendland (Leipzig, 1855-1870).

But it is readily seen, and in the Logik Kant shows himself fully aware of the fact, that these pure connective links of experience, general aspects of objects of intelligible experience, do not resemble concepts formed by the so-called logical or elaborative processes from representations of completed objects.

The System der Logik (1828) of Bachmann (a Kantian logician of distinction) contains a historical survey (pp. 569-644), as does the Denklehre (1822) of van Calker (allied in thought to Fries), pp. 12 sqq.; Eberstein's Geschichte der Logik and Metaphysik bei den Deutschen von Leibniz bis auf gegenwartige Zeit (latest edition, 1 799) is still of importance in regard to logicians of the school of Wolff and the origines of Kant's logical thought.

Riehl's article entitled Logik in Die Kultur der Gegenwart, vi.